So at what point…

My question is pretty straightforward. At what point do you put aside the ‘principal’ and concentrate on what’s best for the whole? (Family/Staff/Friends/Neigjbors$


Is Your Rose In Full Bloom or Wilted? Mine fizzled, farted and faded today….all because of fraud and a bad attitude towards business in my state

So, here’s how today went.  My ‘Rose’ was in full bloom…. buzzing right along.  Making money.  Building a stellar reputation.  Building a great crew.  Creating jobs.  Lots of jobs….. then the unthinkable happened.  Fraud.  Fraud that only those in my state feel due to the huge unfriendly attitude towards business, especially small ones.  Maybe this happens in your state too.  That’s how I feel.  Defeated.  Deflated.  No one is there to help me and my employees.  No one is there to protect us, the innocent small business owners just trying to create jobs and opportunity and maybe, just maybe, make a profit.  Today, I lost my company.  Today I lost my company due to fraud.  Today is a very sad day.

But….I will survive, even if it means starting over again.

What about you?  Have you had this happen to your business?  How did you conquer and prevail?

We will you know.  We can….and we shall do it together.